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George Kalinsky interviewed on Sports-XTRA, about his induction into Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, stories of his most memorial images, and a look inside his studio.

Photographer George Kalinsky's Work Is Hall Of Fame Worthy, But Even At 85, He Says He Isn't Finished Yet
Ex-Port resident George Kalinsky reflects on life through the Garden
MSG Photographer George Kalinsky gets Hall of Fame Honor

A collection of George Kalinsky’s most memorable moments that formed his most iconic images. Also personal interviews with the stars he captured.

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The Man Who Has Captured More Than 50 Years of Some of NYC's Most Iconic Moments
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George Kalinsky honored at Madison Square Garden for his 50th season as Official Photographer. 

Inside Muhammad Ali-photographer bond, and advice that became legend
The Soul of Madison Square Garden
Muhammad Ali: Drawn, Painted and Photographed

George Kalinsky reflects on the life of Muhammad Ali on WLNY

'Greatest' Exhibit Packs A One-Two Punch at New York Historical Society
Sports Of The Times; Through the Eyes of George Kalinsky
Two New Exhibits Celebrate Muhammad Ali at New York Historical Society

Sandy Kenyon interviews George Kalinsky on channel 7 News about New York Historical Society exhibition

George Kalinsky & Lily Wong Interviewed on Here & Now 

Kalinsky Is Madison Sqaure Garden's Eye